Community Benefit In The Shortest Possible Time

The Health Care Research Institute

The Health Care Research Institute (HCRI) was created by the Foundation to help it fulfil its goals in the area of health and medical sciences. Awarding of grants is in the hands of a group of senior experienced individuals drawn from the broad areas of health care delivery, medical research, law, finance, IT and business development. Membership of this panel has been deliberately tailored to represent a broad spectrum of the community and not just medical research. This is in keeping with the broad goals of the Foundation. Panel members are supported by reports from experts in the relevant areas of focus of individual proposals.

 The Wenkart Foundation

The Wenkart Foundation is committed to supporting the arts and health sciences in Australia. Since it was established, more than 100 recipients have been supported by grants totalling over $10 million. The Wenkart Foundation Grant Programs provide support to promising young Australians who, although in the early stages of their careers, have demonstrated a special level of potential and demonstrate work that promises to provide the community with ‘significant benefit within a reasonably short time’​. The Wenkart Foundation’s credo is “Community benefit in the shortest possible time.” This has been its mantra and focus with satisfying results and associations over the decades. In 2012, The Wenkart Foundation donated $4 million, in the presence of the NSW Governor Dr Marie Bashir, to endow the University of Sydney Wenkart Chair in Endothelium Medicine at the Centenary Institute. All grants are currently managed through the University of Sydney.

The Wenkart Foundation also makes notable charitable donations to the Sydney Jewish Museum, the Sydney Opera House, Musica Viva, the State Library of New South Wales and the Honi Soit writing competition at the University of Sydney, encouraging students from a variety of faculties to take part in a fiction and non-fiction writing competition.